Practice Management Strategies and Solutions

Practice Management Strategies and Solutions

Medical Practice Evaluation, Transformation and Management

Newman Consulting Services is a full service medical and health care consulting company, providing physicians in all healthcare specialties with practice evaluation and management services. Our goal is for physicians to focus on practicing medicine and leave the challenges of managing their practice to us.

An objective evaluation is essential for any practice to keep a fresh perspective on its operations, and an ongoing monitoring and reporting framework is also an integral part of a medical practice operations strategy. Services offered:

  • Credentialing
  • Customer Service Training
  • Coding and Reimbursement
  • Human Resources
  • Practice Assessment/Evaluation
  • Patient Flow Processes
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Transformation
  • Regulatory Compliance – HIPAA, OSHA and Medicare/Medicaid
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Strategic Plan


Business operations is the foundation of successful performance.  Administration, planning and analytical processes, policies, human resources, vision, regulatory compliance, reporting mechanisms, patient volume, patient flow, statistical benchmarking, information technology and financial management, including revenue cycle analysis, are all keys to operating a successful practice, regardless of size.

A Practice Operations Evaluation involves an on-site evaluation of operations.  Assessments, interviews and other inquiries to properly ascertain areas where procedures and policies can be improved is conducted.  A report is provided outlining the findings.  Implementation of the findings can result in efficiency, optimum employee performance, growth and increased profits.

Pricing:  Based on practice size and number of employees.  Please contact us for a no-charge initial consultation to determine your needs.


Newman Consulting Services provides regular monitoring services to both implement findings from the initial practice operations evaluation and provide ongoing development and application of processes, procedures and models to properly control and manage practice activities.

Training, mentoring and other guidance is provided to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel, and regular meetings with administration to formulate long-range planning with regards to general operations and quality improvement is conducted.

Pricing:  Based on business size and number of employees.  Please contact us for a no-charge initial consultation to determine your needs.


What do our clients say about us?

 Working with Newman Consulting Services can bring great results ….

 “In this era where a physician’s time is so precious, I have the peace of mind that Newman Consulting Services is taking care of the administrative needs of my office. From organizing my office into a turnkey practice, screening and hiring personnel, and administering HIPAA and OSHA regulations, Newman Consulting Services manages these issues, freeing me up to focus on my patients and practice.”     Dr. S. Kaneshiro, Honolulu

 “I have been a client of Newman Consulting Services for over 17 years and highly recommend their services. They are worth every penny!”     Dr. C. Sonido, Waipahu

“Newman Consulting Services has transformed my practice!”     Dr. G. Yatsushiro, Honolulu

 “I have been very pleased with the services we have received from Newman Consulting Services, LLC. They have reduced my stress level and I have been happy with the decision to work with them since day one. I don’t have to worry about the business aspects of my practice as Newman Consulting Services handles them. Since working with them I have more time to focus and dedicate to patient care.”     Dr. R.Tacata, Kalihi

Our office has been utilizing the management services of Newman Consulting for over 18 years. They are a reliable, dependable and affordable business management service and have the flexibility to manage businesses both large and small with a choice of services to suit business needs. I have been very happy with the services provided and highly recommend them.”   Dr. A. Liu, Honolulu

“I have referred colleagues to Newman Consulting Services many times. Their advice is sound and consistent. They are honest, have good integrity and are practical. They have helped my staff grow. Their follow through has been excellent and without question.”  Dr. J. Drouilhet, Honolulu

“Newman Consulting Services helped me take my business to the next level. My medical practice has become bigger and better – we’ve more than doubled our patient volume and income, tweaked our operations to become more efficient, focused and refined, and built upon the comprehensive care that we provide our patients.”
Dr. J. Madamba, Honolulu

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